26 January 2011

Eat Green Burger in Bandung

Bandung is a city that many offers beauty, beauty, fashion, culture, and also an interesting and innovative snacks. Some examples of typical snacks interesting Bandung, among others, Yogurt Cisangkuy, Peyem Bandung, Serabi, and most recently was the Green Burger. As the name implies, Burger has a characteristic green color. Maio Green Burger is one of the seller Green Burger is located at Jalan Dipati Ukur, Bandung. Burger was modified in such a way that a typical meal of traditional but still classy. Bread used by Maio is pandan bread, sprinkled with sesame on top, and served in banana leaves. Banana leaves which contain polyphenols, making pandan bread becomes more tender and tasty.

Besides the color of the bread, which also distinguishes Maio Green Burger again with other burger outlets is the recipe and the ingredients that made themselves, ranging from bread, meat, until the mayonnaise. So in addition to the unique shape, it's guaranteed to stand out from the other. But do not worry if you were not like bread burgers pandan. Maio Green Burger still offers the usual burgers are named Retro Burger. Green and Retro Burger can be enjoyed with a price of Rp 12,000 and Rp 13,500 if you want plus cheese. There are also variants and hot dogs with the same price.


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Green burgers may not be palatable for some.

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