28 June 2009

Mie Aceh (Aceh Noodle)

Each region in Indonesia always has a specific taste. It's a symbol of culture richness of Indonesia. Specific manner, dress, food, language, and culture could not be count in money. That's why the Indonesian have a big proudness of their country.
One of the unique dishes is Mie Aceh. This kind of noodle is different with other noodle food from other region in Indonesia. It has twisted texture and turmeric-yellow coloured. It will be more attractive after cooked and sauced. hmmm...yummy... it must be hot tasty and good for winter dish, because it mades from so spicy ingredients.
Mie Aceh was divided into three types, fried noodle, boiled noodle, and boiled-fried noodle. Mie Aceh can also mixed with some sea-foods and vegetables like squid, crab, shrimp, tomato, beansprout, celery, and cabbage. You can also modify the combination, like replace seafood with beef, omlete, or cheese depend on your taste.

to be continued for the recipe... :)

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