23 November 2009

How to Cook a Rendang

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Do you know rendang? It makes a startling change from the old Irish stew that hangs around in my childhood memories. I don't know if the alleged Irish stew was ever eaten in Ireland, they probably get stuck into rendang themselves in the Emerald Isle.

Rendang is a mild meat curry served mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, spiced up with galangal root, lemongrass, kerisik, lime leaves, and coriander seeds.

The authentic rendang recipe calls for kerisik but, here in Australia, I use a tin of coconut milk. (Coconuts don't grow on trees in the south of the continent). It may not be 100% authentic but the taste is absolutely superb and, with thelemongrass and lime to lift the flavour, it's always a big hit with family and guests. Read More >>

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