26 January 2010

Lempok Durian or Dodol Durian Recipe from Sumatera

Lempok is typical foods of Sumatra Island. Lempok can also be said Dodol with the main ingredient of the durian fruit. Lempok durian is famous as a unique and authentic food of Sumatran people. Making this lempok hereditary done by people with simple technology.

Lempok lovers were spread all over Indonesia. Because of the unique flavor, lempok very popular, especially by people who love to eat durian fruit. Material resulting from the price of durians sold in market lempok can not inexpensive. When compared with the Dodol from garut, lempok be more expensive because the Lempok material are original durian and sugar. Thus, although expensive, tastes good, unique and healthy consumption.

The fertile island of Sumatra from Lampung, Palembang, to Bengkulu was known until the results of a durian fruit garden. Who would have thought fruit covered by the skin hard and have sharp thorns that was kept out of delicacy could. Besides good food, durian fruit can also be turned into dodol or better known as lempok. Most lempok made by local residents through home-based industries that still use simple equipment and materials .

The main ingredient of lempok is durian that ripe on the tree. Durian deseeded and then mixed with sugar in a large skillet. This mixing process conducted approximately 2 hours until lempok textured like rubber. In that instant, direct lempok moulded in various forms. There is a square and wrapped in wax paper thin, some are wrapped in plastic in the form of elongated transparent.

  • Durian-pulp 
  • Thick coconut milk 
  • Sugar as much as 25% of the weight of durian-pulp
  • Brown sugar
  • Fragrant pandanus
  • Maize Powder
  • Vanilla Powder
  • Salt
Equipment used: 
  • Spoon or the like to separate the seeds and durian-pulp with the way erode / curry slowly 
  • Knives 
  • Scales to measure the weight of durian flesh 
  • Pan for cooking lunkhead. 
  • Basin 
  • Stove 
  • Durian fruit split and the contents removed. 
  • Then the meat is separated from the seeds by gently scraping perlaha so as not to injure the seed. Unutk can scrape it with a spoon or the like. 
  • Then the pulp is used weighed. 
  • Enter the pan pulp and thick coconut milk 
  • New added sugar and brown sugar. To add a taste of what will be produced lempok added to the mixture of vanilla, budgets and fragrant pandan leaves. 
  • Then the dough is cooked on the stove. 
  • During cooking add cornmeal gradually and must constantly stirring and inverted until soft and pure (no sticky dodol in a frying pan). 
  • When ripe (brown), the mixture was poured in a dish or mold and allow to cool for 18 hours and then stored. 
  • Then can be packed in plastic bags. 
Packaging :

Lempok durian itself has a SNI (01-4313-1996) and durian fruit to be used As with the production process has SNI (01-4482-1998) Based on the research already conducted lempok be packed with aluminum foil, plastic wrapping, paper, parchment (Parchement paper) and aluminum foil + wrapping. Having conducted observations of water levels, free fatty acids, total fungi and found that sensory observations durian lempok packaged using parchment can extend the life of durian lempok store longer (191 days) compared to aluminum foil packaging (113 days), aluminum packaging + wrapping (122 days) and packaging wrapping (33 days). 

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