23 August 2009

Sweet Potatoes Doughnut Recipe (Kue Keria – Donut)

In the rain season, it should be cool and hard to go out. You have trouble for getting snack while rainy day? Just try this kind of simple snack and easy to practice. It won’t eat your time , but you’ll get happy day and nice snack.

Doughnut Ingredients:
  1. 1000 gram of sweet potatoes
  2. 160 gram of plain flour
  3. Frying oil for deep frying
Coating Ingredients:
  1. 125 gram of sugar
  2. 110 ml of water
How to make Sweet Potatoes Donut?
  • Step First, steam the peeled sweet potatoes until soft
  • Step Two, Mashed it while it still warm then add in the flour for making firm dough
  • Step Three, Divide it into any portions as you like then shape it into ring
  • Step Four, Heat your frying oil on a deep frying pan
  • Step Five, Deep fry the ring shaped dough until well fried (golden brown color), drain it
  • Step Six, while your potatoes on steam, boil your sugar on a medium heat until dissolve and thick
  • Step Eight, Add the fried doughnut into the boiled sugar on a low heat, stir well until your doughnut coated by the sugar and crystallized.
  • Ready to serve …


petite nyonya said...

Kuih keria is enjoyed by many in Malaysia as a tea time snack. It's very delicious.

tohar said...

Tq nyonya, i think so about kue keria or doughnut
Personally, i like it and very delicious for consuming in rain season or in the morning...

alisa said...

Wow!I haven't tried this before.It looks delicious!I will make this soon!I followed you from the foodieblogroll and I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it's all set, Thanks! Alisa@Foodista

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